If you suddenly need money, apply to this bank sitting at home, the money will be credited to the account in just 4 steps.
દિવાળી સુધી મફત અનાજ મળશે 80 crore people to get free food till Diwali, PM Modi makes big announcement
ikhedut Portal Online Application 202021
This plan of Modi government will come soon, you will get a rented house for only 1000 rupees, find out who will get the benefit
ખેડૂતોને ખેતરમાં ગોડાઉન માટે Farm Godown (On Farm Storage Structure)
Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announces Rs 14,000 crore self-sufficient package, waives electricity bills up to 100 units
100 યુનિટ સુધી વીજળી બીલ માફ Gujarat government announces relief package of Rs 14,000 crore, find out who got what