The state government has started mobile vans for the treatment of animals...namasste

 The state government has started mobile vans for the treatment of animals... namasste

Just like there are 108 ambulances to save human beings, now 18 mobile vans have been started for the treatment of animals

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani inaugurated 1 Mobile 108 Veterinary Hospital for every 10 villages in the state at Gandhinagar.  Rural Animal Husbandry will be provided free animal treatment for 365 days from 7 am to 7 pm at home from the Call on 1962 service.  This system will benefit 3.5 crore cattle in the state.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the number 108 is considered auspicious as our nest also has 108 beads and chanting 108 also gives good results. Similarly, 108 mobile hospitals have been opened for cattle today.

 Sensitive Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has made available the facility of mobile veterinary hospital to the veterinarians in the rural areas of the state with the hope of getting free veterinary treatment at home.  Two mobile veterinary dispensaries have been allotted at Bharatnagar in Morbi taluka and Bhalgam in Wankaner taluka of Morbi district, the inauguration ceremony of which was held at Morbi in which the ribbon was cut by the hand of District Panchayat President Kishorebhai Chikhalia.  District Panchayat President Kishorebhai Chikhalia District Development Officer Parag Bhagdev, Resident Additional Collector Ketan Joshi, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Dr.  D.A.  Bhorania as well as district panchayat officials and office bearers flagged off the mobile veterinary hospital.  Also, Parag Bhagdev gave the key of the vehicle of the mobile veterinary hospital and left.

Just like there are 108 ambulances to save human beings, now the state government has started 18 mobile vans for the treatment of animals.  This will enable our pastoralists to diagnose, treat and operate sick animals at home.  This will save the lives of many animals and give them a long and healthy life.  Thus, the state government has taken a sensitive decision in the field of veterinary medicine in Gujarat.  With which the animal husbandry activities of Gujarat will flourish.  Pastoralists will prosper.  Another 3 mobile veterinary dispensaries will be received by Morbi district.

One mobile veterinary scheme per ten villages is planned by GVK EMRI.  Mode.  By operating 460 such mobile veterinary dispensaries in Gujarat, a system will be set up to provide home treatment to the animals of more than 4600 village pastoralists, said Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.  He said that by dialing 1962 toll free number for the pastoralists, they will get free treatment in the village

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From this mobile veterinary hospital, animals in 100 villages of Morbi district will get health oriented treatment free of cost at home.  111000 cattle of the district will get the benefit of this service.

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