Easy way to earn money from Facebook! Just know

 Easy way to earn money from Facebook!  Just know

Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, is giving people a chance to earn money.  Facebook Inc said on Thursday that it would give content creators a chance to earn money through advertisements on its platform.

Facebook is launching three up-to-date aids to help video creators make more money.

 The latest changes to Facebook's video monetization options include:
 Earning income from short-form videos.
 Extending eligibility for more content creators.
 Making money from audience contributions makes it easier for creators.

The ability to earn revenue from videos published on Facebook is available for pages that meet a certain set of criteria.

 Because the criteria have been updated now, let's have a look at that first.

 Updates for eligibility requirements

 More pages will be able to monitor their videos with advertisements after Facebook's eligibility criteria update.
 Facebook has different sets of requirements for each type of video ad: in-stream, live, and gaming.  Each set of requirements is being updated.

 In-stream AIDS eligibility

 In-stream aids refer to aids shown before or during a video.
 To be eligible to run in-stream aids, a Facebook page must be
 A total of 600,000 minutes were viewed from any combination of uploaded videos in the last 60 days.  This may include regular video uploads, live streams and live stream recordings.
 5 or more active video uploads or first live videos.  Videos must be published, not removed, and comply with our Facebook content monetization policies.
 Earlier, Facebook considered more than three minutes of regular video uploads in its calculations for eligibility requirements only.  It now also considers short video uploads, live streams and live video recordings.

 Earn money with more types of videos

 Pages can now make money from videos for less than a minute, which gives the option to run a 30-second ad, which Facebook says is "minimally disruptive".
 Previously, only videos of 3 minutes or more could be monetized.
 Videos longer than 3 minutes may include mid-roll aids, which are shown when the video is played, rather than before the video begins.
 Mid-roll aids can now be shown after 45 seconds in the video, which is a slight update from the previous checkpoint of 1 minute.

 Live stream aids eligibility

 Facebook has different eligibility requirements for pages interested in monetizing live streams.
 In addition to meeting the criteria in the above section, the page must meet another requirement to run AIDS while going live: 60,000 live minutes must be viewed in the last 60 days.
 Facebook notes viewing time for recording live streams will not be counted to meet this eligibility criterion.

 Earn money directly from viewers

 When the pages are eligible to play AIDS in the live stream they will also be able to earn money with the star.
 If you are familiar with the tweet bits then you will immediately understand the concept of Facebook stars.
 It is a form of digital currency that users buy with real money and send to creators to reward them for their content.  The producers would then earn a portion of the income from the stars received during a stream.

 Facebook is expanding eligibility for the stars to 15 more countries.  In the coming weeks Facebook will begin testing creators' ability to earn stars from non-live videos.


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Content creators can check if their page creator is eligible for any of these monetization programs in the studio.  Page creators can also apply to programs in the studio.

 Facebook says it will review all applications and gradually start accepting more pages that meet its new criteria.

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