The i Khedut Portal has been opened so that farmers can apply online for various schemes. Click here to know the last date to apply.

 The i Khedut Portal has been opened so that farmers can apply online for various schemes.  Click here to know the last date to apply.

The decision to open the i-farmer portal for the year 2021-22 from March 6 to April 30 for a total of two months has been taken by the Director of Agriculture, Shri Gujarat State so that farmers can apply for various components of the Agriculture Department's assistance schemes on the i-farmer portal.

 The Director of Agriculture has sent a letter to the officers of all the agriculture branches of the state to enable the farmers to apply on the i-farmer portal in a timely manner.  Requested to provide a free press note.

To apply online for assistance schemes on i-farmer portal, farmers can apply to VCE in gram panchayat.  Will be able to apply.  Apart from this for detailed information of various schemes on iKhedut portal one has to contact the Gram Sevak of that village, Extension Officer at Taluka level and District Agriculture Officer at District level.

Online applications for various assistance from the Department of Agriculture are to be launched on the I KHEDUT PORTAL.  Applications for hand tools have already started.
 Marginal farmers and farm laborers of the state get 50% of the total cost or Rs.  10,000 whichever is less will be eligible for assistance.  Purchases should be made according to the equipment selected in the application and its number.

 Name list of tool kits: -

 (1) Sign (2) Seed Dibbler (3) Wheel Ho (Single Wheel) Automatic Orni (One Necklace) with Kits (2) Wheel Borough (4) Fruit Catcher (Wado) (4) Fruit Cutter (4) Sea Cutter (  2) Vegetable Planter (3) Paddy Weeder (10) Paddy Paddle Thresher (11) Koita (12) Sugar Cane Bud Cutter (15) Pruning Show (15) Unveiled Branch Looper (15) Adjustable Tree Looper (12) Wheels (Double Wheel)  ) With kitter (12) Manual paddy cider

 Eligibility of Beneficiary: -

 The benefit of this scheme will be available to marginal farmers and working farm laborers occupying up to 1 hectare of land (as per 3A).

 Where to apply?  : -

 Every farmer has to go to the Gram Panchayat office and apply online through VCE.

 Required Support Evidence: -

 (1) Copy of 2/12, 2-A
 (2) Copy of Aadhar Card
 (2) Copy of bank passbook
 (2) Anu.  Race or app.  Copy of caste pattern if there is a tribal farmer
 (2) Print of application applied
 The Gram Sevak along with the above mentioned application and all the evidence has to be submitted within seven days.

 Date of online application: -

 Apart from this, all the applications have been opened on i-farmer portal from 06/03/2021 to 30/04/2021.  The list of applications is as follows.

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1.  Underground Pipeline-PVC
 .  like this.  B.  Plow (mechanical reversible)
 .  MB  Plow
 .  MB  Plow (hydraulic reversible)
 .  Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill
 .  Automatic Seed Cum Fertilizer Planter
 .  Automatic seed drill
 .  Cultivator
 .  Cleaner cum grader
 10.  Open pipeline
 11.  Groundnut digger
 13.  Chaff cutter (engine / eel. Motor operated)
 13.  Chaff cutter (tractor / power tiller operated)
 13.  Chisel plow
 13.  Zero teal seed cum fertilizer drill
 13.  Zero teal seed cum fertilizer planter
 13.  Teal Seed Drill
 13.  Tractor
 13.  Disc plow
 20.  Disk Hero
 21.  Tarpaulin
 .  Paddy Transplanter (Self Propelled)
 .  Pump sets
 .  Processing unit
 .  Plow
 .  Crop Protection Equipment- Power powered
 .  Power tiller
 .  Power thresher
 .  Power Weeder (Self Propelled)
 20.  Potato digger
 21.  Potato planter
 .  Post Hall Digger
 .  Fertilizer broadcaster
 .  Faro opener
 .  Rebel Former
 .  Brush cutter
 .  Blade Hero
 .  Baler (tractor operated
 .  Multi crop planter
 20.  Mobile Shredder
 21.  Raised bed planter
 .  Res & Farro Planter
 .  Riser
 .  Reaper (tractor front mounted)
 .  Reaper (self propelled)
 .  Reaper cum Binder
 .  Rotary plow
 .  Rotary Disc Hero
 .  Rotary power tiller (self propelled)
 20.  Rotary Power Hero
 21.  Rotavator
 .  Land Leveler
 .  Laser Land Leveler
 .  Winning fan
 .  Shredder
 .  Stable saver
 .  Subsoiler
 .  Slasher
 .  Hand Tools Kit (currently launched)
 20.  Hero (rap)

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