Government announces crop loss assistance to farmers

Government announces crop loss assistance to farmers

Regarding the amount of assistance announced by the Gujarat Government under the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) to the farmers affected by the recent heavy rains.
It seems that the government has taken away the right to maturity and has arranged for farmers to get a meager amount of crop loss compensation. ”

 "Even this amount is less per hectare for the purchase of seeds and fertilizers.  It seems we are being ridiculed in the name of help. ”

 Farmer Jayasukhbhai planted peanuts and cotton in his 20-acre farm with high hopes.

 He said that they were in a difficult situation as they were washed away by the heavy rains and also the farmers of the entire diocese were in a similar situation.

 It is to be noted that rains, which are considered as a boon for agriculture and farmers, are now being considered by agriculture experts as a major problem for farmers in the state.

 Heavy rains had lashed Gujarat in the last few days.

 Even in Saurashtra and Kutch, water has not yet receded from the fields due to continuous heavy rains.

 It has been learned that some farmers' leaders have organized swimming competitions in the fields to draw the attention of the government to the floods in the fields due to heavy rains.

 Now that the rains have stopped across the state, the Gujarat government has announced compensation to farmers.

 In which the farmers have been announced to be paid based on the rules of the State Disaster Response Fund.



 What is the procedure to be followed for payment of damages from this fund?  How will these damages be paid?  Experts say the question is on the minds of the general public and farmers.

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