Now easily book gas cylinder through Whatsapp, know the booking number and process

Now easily book gas cylinder through Whatsapp, know the booking number and process

Nowadays, all the work is done online.  If you have WhatsApp in your phone then you can easily do many important things.  For example, when it comes to making payments, buying goods, or making bookings, things go awry.  In the same way now with the help of WhatsApp you can also book a gas cylinder.

Now book a gas cylinder by sending a message
 Gas cylinders can also be booked through WhatsApp
 This is how bookings are made

Indane users can book gas cylinders this way from WhatsApp

You no longer need to call from a registered number to book a gas cylinder.  This work can also be done through just one message.  For which a number has been announced from all the gas companies.  You have to type REFILL and send it to that number.  With the help of WhatsApp, you will also be able to know its status.

Do this number WhatsApp

If you are a customer of Indian Oil Corporation, you will have to WhatsApp on 7588888824 to order Indane Gas.  But to avail this facility, you have to send a message from a registered mobile number.

How to book

To book a gas cylinder you have to send a message from your registered number.  If you text from another number, your work will not be done.  From the registered number you have to type REFILL and send WhatsApp message to 7588888824.

How to know the status

This feature is also available on WhatsApp if your booking is done and you want to know its status.  For this you have to type from a registered mobile number.  STATUS # then the order number that is received after booking.  That is, if your booking number is 12345, you have to type STATUS # 12345 and send it via WhatsApp message to 7588888824.  Make sure there is no space between the STATUS # order numbers.
You can also make a booking by calling this number

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You can also avail booking facility by giving customers a miscall on this number.  This number is 9911554411 for Indane users.  Indane users across the country can book a gas cylinder by giving a miscall on this number

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