Motor Vehicle Act: New traffic rules in Gujarat, what is the penalty for what?

Motor Vehicle Act: New traffic rules in Gujarat, what is the penalty for what?

The Gujarat Government has accepted the provisions of the new Motor Vehicle Act issued by the Central Government
The State Government has reduced and implemented the penalty provisions prescribed by the Central Government.

 Following the new provisions implemented in the state, the amount of fine will be two to five times higher than before.

 If the driver has a soft copy of the required document in the digital locker, it will be considered valid.

 Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said, "This is a law and it will apply to everyone, including politicians and VIPs.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani gave details about the fine.

 The fine for driving without a helmet is Rs.  500, which was earlier Rs.  Was 100.  Rs.  1000 penalty has been provided.

 If a person sitting in the back of a two-wheeler does not have a helmet, he will not be penalized.  But for a triple ride every time Rs.  There will be a fine of 100-100.

 For driving without a seat-belt, Rs.  500 will be fined, Rs.  A penalty of Rs.1000 has been provided.

 R.C.  If a person is caught driving without a book (registration certificate), for the first time Rs.  500 and if caught a second time, Rs.  1,000 will be fined.

For operating a two-wheeler without registration, Rs.  2000, Rs.  3000 and Rs.  The fine is divided into three phases based on the range of 5000M vehicles.

 For driving without a license, Rs.  There will be a fine of Rs 3,000.  Rs.  3000 will be fined.

 For operating a two-wheeler without a license, Rs.  2000 and above for vehicles Rs.  Rs.  A fine of Rs 3,000 has been announced.  In the Central Government Act, Rs.  A penalty of Rs 5,000 has been provided.

 About 50 different sections have been amended by the state government.

 For the first time, a current vehicle costs Rs.  500 and the second time will be fined Rs.

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 The road-transport and traffic-police will have the power to levy fines, although the court will have the power to impose or compound certain types of fines.

The e-currency system will continue without penalty on the spot

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