Chhewada villagers had to push for ration card reforms, now they will be relieved

Chhewada villagers had to push for ration card reforms, now they will be relieved

At the taluka level, the villagers of Chhewada had to push for the amendment of the ration card, now they will get rid of it. The government has issued a circular to make this work online in the gram panchayat.
Sun.  After creating e-gram facility in 2007/08 and adding one online facility after another, it will be possible to reduce the name in ration card in one more facility or to add name or to go to gram panchayat for other improvements.

In which Rs.50 per amendment as well as the cardholder will have to give his declaration as well as self certified copy, on the basis of which the village computer entrepreneur will make his entry, scan the certificates, enter the information of the applicant in the digital Gujarat portal.  It will be accompanied by a unique application number as well as the probable date of receipt of certificates

Electronic application will go online to Talati, he will check the relevant documents, if any incomplete or defects are found, he will inform the applicant by email or SMS.  The information, base evidence will then be sent to the Deputy Mamlatdar Supply after the application with eligibility, which will be verified.  He will then send it to the Mamlatdar.  Who will digitally sign and issue a certificate to the applicant.
The applicant will get the revised ration card from the e-gram center in his own gram panchayat.  This certificate will also be available from the applicant's DG Locker account.
Thus, due to this facility, the villagers of Chhewada will be able to get Rs. 50 only at the local level and will be relieved from the push at the taluka level.  This circular has been issued by Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department from 15th December.

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