Invest in this post office scheme every month for good income

Invest in this post office scheme every month for good income

If you want to invest your money somewhere where you get a good return and you have a monthly income, then you can invest in a post office monthly savings plan.  In which 6.6 per cent interest is paid annually.  We will tell you about the monthly income plan.
Under this scheme, an account can be opened with a minimum of Rs.1000.  The special thing is that you will get all your money back after the plan is completed.
 The maturity period is 5 years.  After 5 years, you can re-invest your capital in the plan.  That is, you can guarantee regular income from this account.
 If your account is single, you can deposit up to Rs 4.5 lakh.  On the other hand, if you have a joint account, a maximum of Rs 9 lakh can be deposited in it.
 Under the monthly investment plan, the interest is 6.6% per annum.  The interest earned annually is divided into 12 months and that amount you will receive each month.
 If you do not withdraw monthly, it will remain in your Post Office Savings Account.

 How much compensation will you get?

If you invest Rs 4.5 lakh under this scheme, you will get an annual interest rate of Rs.  29700 i.e. Rs.  2475 will get interest.  At the same time, if you invest Rs 9 lakh in it under a joint account, you will get an annual interest of Rs 59,400 i.e. Rs 4950 per month.

 How to open an account?

1 For this you have to open a savings account at the post office first.
  2 After this, one has to fill up a form for monthly income plan from the post office.
3 To open an account with the form, submit a check or check the prescribed amount.
4 Your account will then be opened.

  Documents required for the account

1 A photocopy of your ID proof should be made on the form.
2 A photocopy must also be made with the proof of residency.
3 Apart from this your 2 passport size photographs will also be attached to the form.
4 Keep in mind that you should also take the original copy of these documents for verification.

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