In just two days you will get a driving license, apply at home

In just two days you will get a driving license, apply at home

Driving nowadays requires a driving license and you cannot drive any vehicle without a license.  The government is constantly simplifying the rules for licensing.
The process of creating a license is very simple.  You can also apply online if you are thinking of creating a license and want to avoid the hassle of RTO.  In the beginning you have to create a learning license, after 6 months a mature license is issued.

The fee for this is Rs.200.  Age is at least 18 years.  The online process of creating a learning license is very easy.  You can apply by going to the website of the Ministry of Highways

🔹 Click here website :- To go on.  Here is the list of states.  Choose your state first.  Then click on Apply Online and click on the link named New Learner License and a new form will open.

Complete this form then click on Save Offline button.  Now open the saved PDF file and click on the Submit button below.  After submitting the application number will be generated, take note of this number.

Then click on the link named Print Application Form to print this form.  Then click on the link named Appointment for Slot booking.  Then go to LLTest Slot Booking> LL TEST APPOINTMENTS and book an appointment.

Write the application number in it, book the date and time of the day you are free and print this letter.  Then along with the date and time of the day fixed a copy of the form, living certificate, two passport size photographs, date and time booked letter, xerox of ration card, xerox of Aadhaar card, original copy of all proofs to be taken along.  .

Go to RTO office and get Form No.-2.  Which will come for only Rs.  If you pass the primary exam, you will get a learning license.  If you fail, go again the next day.  For which you have to pay Rs. 50 and take the exam again.
 If you pass, the online learning license will be available online within 3 hours.  The time limit is 6 months.  After 6 months you will have to apply for a permanent license.  Then you have to go to the RTO office and take the driving test.  After passing the test, a permanent license is obtained

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