Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announces Rs 14,000 crore self-sufficient package, waives electricity bills up to 100 units

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announces Rs 14,000 crore self-sufficient package, waives electricity bills up to 100 units

The situation that has arisen due to the lockdown in the transition to the global epidemic corona.  Out of this, a self-sufficient package of Rs 14,000 crore has been announced by the state government to revive public life and trade.  The package was announced by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.
Former Finance Secretary to the Government of India Dr.  The committee was formed by the state government under the chairmanship of Hasmukh Adhia to suggest the recommendations of the Economic Revival.  The committee submitted its interim report to the state government three days ago.  The package has been unveiled after a marathon reflection meeting of state ministers, senior secretaries, social leaders, industry and trade associations, representatives of various sections of the society, after a comprehensive and in-depth study of the report.

Commercial entities will be exempted from paying 20% ​​of annual property tax for the year 2020-21.  The Rs 600 crore waiver will benefit an estimated 23 lakh commercial units in the state.  In which property tax due for the year 2020-21 of all residential properties in the urban area will be waived 10% if it is paid by 31st July 2020.  This will benefit an estimated 72 lakh property holders and give them Rs.  144 crore relief.

Residential electricity consumers consuming less than 200 units of electricity per month will be exempted from the one-time electricity bill of 100 units.  Hence Rs.  About 92 lakh electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs 650 crore electricity bill waiver.  It has decided to waive the fixed charge of May 2020 in electricity bills for approximately 33 lakh commercial electricity consumers and electricity consumers with LT electricity connections for industries.  From which a total of Rs.  200 crore charge will be waived.

Various small shops like grocery, textile, readymade garments, medical store, hardware, coloring, provisional store, cutlery, bakery, stationery, mobile shops, garage, shops in shopping centers and malls as well as various services like lawyers, chartered account, travel  Shopkeepers running agencies, transport offices, coaching classes, photo studios, beauty parlors, salons did not receive income due to the lockdown during the Corona epidemic.  Therefore, for the purpose of giving them financial relief, the electricity tax for the three months of June, July and August will be reduced from 20 per cent to 15 per cent.  This will benefit about 30 lakh shopkeepers / traders / artisans of the state.  Under this, Rs.  80 crore financial relief will be given.
Complete waiver will be given in paying 6 months road tax from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020.  Under which Rs.  221 crore road tax exemption.
 -VAT and GST refund of Rs 1200 crore will be paid to more than 3200 traders of the state by July 31, 2020 to relieve these traders from financial congestion.

More than 27,000 entrepreneurs in the state will be paid a subsidy of Rs 190 crore under the Bajpayee Bankable Scheme by July 31, 2020.  For Solar Roof Top Scheme for 65000 families Rs.  The subsidy of Rs 190 crore will be given by July 31, 2020.  Capital and interest subsidy of Rs. 90 crore will be given to agro and food processing units through Gujarat Agro-Industries Corporation by 31st July 2020.

 - Rs.1000 crore subsidy will be given for one lakh 60 thousand houses in the affordable housing sector to speed up the construction activity.

Short term crop loans of Rs 39,000 crore are provided to 4 lakh farmers in the state at zero per cent interest rate through co-operative banks, nationalized banks etc.  The full 5% interest is paid by the Government (2% Government of Gujarat and 5% Government of India).  Due to the lockdown, the repayment period of this loan has been extended by the government by five months.  For which Rs.  410 crore will be allocated.

 - Rs.66.50 crore will be given to the farmers for natural farming based on indigenous cows at the rate of Rs.900 per month and Rs.10,800 per annum.  Under which 21.3 farmers will be assisted.

To encourage women to be self-employed, Rs.

 - Rs. Per beneficiary for tribal workers to build a permanent home in their hometown.  35,000 will be subsidized.  For 1 lakh beneficiaries, Rs.  350 crore will be allocated.

 - Rs.10 crore will be allocated to protect the lorries traders from heat, cold and rain and to provide large size umbrellas to prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables kept in their lorries.

 - Rs. 6 crore will be allotted to the construction workers' wives as well as women construction workers to give a total of Rs.
An allocation of Rs. 300 crore will be made for the distribution of 12 kg of lentils at a concessional rate per beneficiary per annum under the public distribution system to ensure availability of protein rich food.

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 - From the Chief Minister's Relief Fund to the Health Department Rs.  100 crore will be allotted

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