UNLOCK 'will be the country but will have to follow these 10 rules

UNLOCK 'will be the country but will have to follow these 10 rules

According to the guideline of the Ministry of Human Resources, 10 important things have to be strictly followed in Unlock-1.  Including wearing face masks, adhering to social distance, not holding large events, not spitting in public, drinking alcohol in public places, eating leaves and not smoking tobacco, working from home as far as possible, following the rules of shops and offices.  , Screening and maintaining hygiene, using sanitizer.

There are 10 important things to follow in Unlock-1 

1 Wear a mask

The Home Ministry said everyone must cover their mouths in public places, offices and while traveling.  PM Modi has already said that people should use homemade masks.

2 Social distance

People are instructed to maintain a distance of 6 feet between each other.  No more than 5 customers will be allowed to gather at the shops at a time.

3 Rock on gathering in one place

The Home Ministry has continued to impose restrictions on gatherings.  50 guests are allowed for the wedding.  While the final journey cannot involve more than 20 people.  The country's containment zone will have a lockdown until June 30.  The district system will determine the containment zone under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.  No one goes out in this zone except for life necessities and contact tracing and house surveillance will be done.  In addition areas where new cases are likely to grow can be declared buffer zones.  Controls in this zone will determine the mechanism of the district

4 Alcohol, leaves, spices, gutkha, tobacco

The central government's guideline says that if anyone spit in public places, they will be fined as per the rules of the state government.

5 Alcohol, leaves, spices, gutkha, tobacco

Consumption of these substances in public places will be prohibited

6 Work from home

The Home Ministry said that as many employees as possible should be made to work from home and not to overcrowd the existing offices.

7 rotation system

Rotation system has been directed to be implemented in offices, workplaces, shops, markets and other places.

8 Screening and Hygiene

Thermal scanning, handwashing or sanitizer must be used before entering any common area.

9 Sanitization

Regular sanitization has been instructed where large numbers of people gather.  The door handle also needs to be sanitized.  Sanitation work will be done between shifts.

10 Social Distanceing

There are indications of keeping a gap between social distance and shift between each other in the workplace.  There should also be time between shift and lunch break.

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