This is how to get a free PAN Card at home in lockdown, you will get this process in just 10 minutes

This is how to get a free PAN Card at home in lockdown, you will get this process in just 10 minutes

Permanent account number i.e. PAN card is a very required document.  Without it there is a lot of work that gets stuck.  Whether it is filing an income tax return or depositing more than Rs 50,000 in a bank, all this requires a PAN card.  But because of Corona, people are not able to go out of the house and make PAN cards.  If you also do not have a PAN card and want to create a new PAN card, know the process
Make your PAN card at home in lockdown
 This simple process online will become a PAN card
 Many jobs require a PAN card
It is very easy to apply for a PAN card online.  It allows you to get your PAN card in minutes.  This card is also called e-Pan.  Which you can download immediately after applying

These documents are required to create an E-PAN card

This service is for people who have not created a PAN card yet.  You have to provide Aadhaar number for E-PAN.  Which will generate OTP and get your E-PAN in minutes.

The process of creating an E-PAN card

👉 Click on the Instant PAN through Aadhaar New link here
 👉Then two options will open - first Get New PAN and second - Check Status / Download page
 👉Now you have to give Aadhaar number and then OTP will come on mobile number
👉 The OTP will verify the base information.
 The e-page will be issued immediately and the 👉customer will be able to download the epage

 E-PAN is better than PAN card

E-PAN is many times better than a physical copy of PAN card.  It doesn't have to be lost.  But if you want a copy of it, you can get it printed and laminated for Rs. 50

This will not work as there is no PAN

👉 PAN CARD OFFICIAL:- Click here

PAN cards are required in 16 places, including buying a vehicle, opening a bank account, and applying for a debit or credit card.  So if you don't have a page yet, a lot of your work will be stopped.

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