Don't worry if gas subsidy is not being taken into account, call this number

Don't worry if gas subsidy is not being taken into account, call this number

Are you taking advantage of the gas subsidy?  Are you bothered by not getting subsidy for several months?  Then you can solve your problem by calling this number.
You now also have the option to get subsidy information.  You can check online and you can also complain if you do not get gas subsidy.  Petroleum companies will then take immediate action on your complaint

Website for you to check gas subsidy :- Have to login to  Here you will find the names of three petroleum and gas companies on the homepage.  Click on the company that has the gas connection.  Feedback will be an option later.  Fill in the required information here.
In the feedback you have to submit your registered mobile number and LPG ID.  The same gas subsidy information as you submit will be generated on the computer screen.  You will also find out in whose account your gas subsidy has been credited.
If the information you receive is incorrect or your share of the subsidy goes to someone else.  So considering its seriousness you can file a complaint immediately.  On the website you will have the opportunity to file a complaint online.  Apart from this you can also lodge a complaint by calling the toll free number 18002333555.

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