New tips Make money with "Tik Tok" application .. Now sitting at home .. This way a recorded video can be given to you for Rs.

New tips Make money with "Tik Tok" application .. Now sitting at home .. This way a recorded video can be given to you for Rs.

Tim tok is best social activities for Gujrat & all India institute
So friends, you're ready to make money, because today we will tell you about an application that will give you lots of money and the name of the app is "Tik Tok" application.
"Tik tok" is the same as seen on everyone's smartphone.  So there are two ways to make money with "Tik Tok".  That is the way to make money by making a video on "Tik tok" and another way is to earn money by coming live to "Tik tok".  So we'll explain in depth how to make money in both of these ways.
But we do tell you an important clue that if you want to make money on "Tik tok" you need to have some skills or talent.  So you can make money faster and more.

So friends first download the "Tik tok" app and open it, then you will find 5 options below and click on the search bar option.  After clicking in it you will find several challenging options.  But you have to choose a challenge that is very popular or trading.  All you have to do is create a video and upload it to "Tik tok".  If you like this video "Tik tok" you can get up to 20000, 30000, 50,000 or you can get a gift, and that gift can be an expensive gift like iphone.

Friends, you have 15 seconds to create a video
After that your video is ready and it has to be posted and if you like this video and if your video ranking increases then it gives you money or “gift tik tok”.

And friends are another way to earn money by coming live on "Tik tok".  But friends, let us tell you one thing that you need 1000 friends or followers on "Tik tok" to go live on "Tik tok".  So first of all you have to shoot challenging videos to make thousands of friends and so your friends will grow as your follower increases and then you will be able to do live video.
Friends can share more information on how to create a live video on "Tik tok".  The first time you shoot a live video, each of your friends will get a notification and you see your live friends or your live videos and react to your live video as if your follower or friend gets a gift option and they are different for each gift.  There are coins and these coins are up to 5000 and we can convert these coins into money.

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If you have some talent for you too, you can easily make money on this "Tik tok" app by shooting live and video and your money will be dealt in dollars and your money will be in the bank.

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