Women's Enrichment Scheme 2020

Women's Enrichment Scheme 2020


* Short-term credit scheme for women entrepreneurs of the target group to create self-employment for women belonging to the backward classes.
 * Under this scheme, the female beneficiary will have to pursue her own choice.

Eligibility for getting a loan

Applicants should belong to the backward class socially and academically
 The total annual income of the applicant's family is Rs.  Must be no more than Rs.  1 rt.  Priority will be given to those applicants who are earning Rs.
 Applicant's age should be from 3 to 5 years at the date of application.
 Applicants should have experience in the business, seeking technical and other skills.

Key features of the scheme

The maximum loan limit in this scheme is Rs.  Up to 50,000.
 The interest rate on these schemes will be 4% per annum.
 In these schemes, 3 percent loan of unit cost will be given while 5 percent will be the state government / beneficiary contribution
amount of 95 percent national corporation.
 The loan has to be repaid in 48 equal monthly installments along with interest.

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