Enjoy! The government will cover all your travel expenses, a new scheme has begun

Enjoy!  The government will cover all your travel expenses, a new scheme has begun

Visit 15 tourist destinations outside your home state in one year

New Delhi: With the aim of promoting tourism, the Central Government has launched a program for Indian tourists.  Under this program, you will have to travel to the remaining 15 tourist destinations excluding your home state by 2022.  The government will bear the cost.
The Ministry of Tourism has launched the program 'See Apna Desh'.  Details of this program are given on the website.  Under the Dekho Apna Desh program, at least 15 tourist destinations will have to be visited by 2022.
Union Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel made this known at the National Tourism Conference in Konark, Odisha.  Patel said that in a year, tourists traveling to 15 destinations in the country will have to upload the tour cost and picture on our website.
These tourists will have to travel 15 tourist destinations in a year.  The scheme is applicable till 2022.  That means you never start your journey, but have to finish within a year.  Website again after visiting any 15 tourist destinations in a year:-

Will have to upload his own picture on.  It is important to note that all tourist destinations must be outside your home state.
However, these costs should be taken not for monetary gain but as incentive amount.  The Tourism Minister further said that the Sun Temple of Konark will be included in the list of prestigious sites.

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Apart from this, Rupinder Barad, Additional Director of Tourism, said that a certificate program is being organized for the candidates who want to work as a Ministry Tourism Guide, but Odisha's participation in this program is very low and needs to be increased.  The state government should encourage the students to take part in the certificate course.
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