How to get home ration card online?

How to get home ration card online?

How to get home ration card online?

The process of obtaining an online ration card
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 - A ration card is not only a means of procuring food or other supplies for the poor, but is also important for wealthy people as proof of accommodation.  That is why an online ration card scheme has been implemented for people living above the poverty line (APL).  The current system for issuing barcard ration cards has created special software for the APL card holders who want to get a card sitting at home without waiting for the card to arrive.
After registering on this software, website, after logging in, giving details of the documents, you can get online ration card at home.  If the card holder completes the form for this convenient barboard ration card, 5.55 lakh card holders in the city district will be able to avail this special software.  The ongoing exercise of establishing a quantitative distribution system with biometric methods is taking time.  Due to which some citizens have to face problems. To overcome such problem of citizens, the supply system has arranged to provide online ration card for APL card holders.  Only the two-page ration card shows the cardholder's name, address, family member's name, age, details of the gas connection and the manager of the cheap grain shop.  Which looks very much like a ration card book.
 ■ What is the process of getting an online ration card?  See the following step.

 Step 1: Register by logging on to the website 

 Step 2: Login to the site after registering.

 Step 3: After login, a page will open with 6 questions that answer yes or no.

 Step 4: Accept the terms by answering these 6 questions and enter the second phase.

 Step 5: Submit the requested details in this step based on the answer to Step 3 questions.
 Step 6: After submitting all the details, click the button for Data.

 Step 7: Clicking this button will return a 5 digit password to the mobile number provided in step 5.

 Step 8: Press the print button after the online verification of the details presented in step 5 with this password.
 Step 9: A two-page online ration card will come in handy when you press this button.  No grain or kerosene will be found on the card.

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